When you write it down you would normally think you can just do it. It seems impossible before you set to achieve it.

By Charles Mungoshi

I know the feeling when doubt creeps in like a thief at night and starts saying – how do I get to B when you are the very person who mapped the way from A. Quit the debate and get going – there is no room for that in the race. You know what you want so why do you hesitate going for it? Put your whole mind on making the first step.

Procrastination is the breeding ground for failure and unfulfilled dreams. The main reason why people procrastinate, I have discovered, is because of fear, the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown. How I wish the fear of being ordinary would push you to be extraordinary but then again fear is a negative vibe. If your childhood was anything like mine, you would remember outrunning a vicious dog that once chased after you. The fear of being eaten alive gave you renewed strength and motive – well that same fear should give you the drive to get going with your project or plan. Are you not afraid of being ordinary?

Scripture says the one who observes the wind will not sow meaning when you focus your mind on obstacles you will quit before engagement. People naturally disqualify themselves from their own games. If you created the plan, if you thought of it, why should you fear to execute it? This is the hold back that has seen many dreams shattered before being executed. You need to understand that endorsement of greatness comes from those around you – those who criticise you – those who explain to you the consequences of engaging in a certain project yet they are not even at the top in their own endeavours. I am not saying don’t listen to advice but I am saying believe in your dream so much to drown the negativity people may bring your way!

The only way you can have a sound reason to pursue your own goals is through meditation and thorough research. Don’t just say because everyone is going to Maputo to get prawns for resale you too are going the same route – you have zero knowledge of the procedure but there you are on a bus to Maputo. Get off that bus now!
Charles Mungoshi Jr is a serial author, entrepreneur and renowned vlogger. He has authored a number of bestselling books that have received wide reception

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