What’s your story? How to build a winning brand through storytelling

Africa has not produced many known brands in the class of Chinua Achebe whose 1958 novel, Things Fall Apart is still selling millions of copies worldwide, or the class of Strive Masiyiwa and or Econet Global represented across the globe. Are our stories not good enough or they are simply not being effectively told? What

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3 Simple Ways to Use Content to Increase Brand Visibility

By McDonald Mafandizvo I believe by reading this article you are one of those who use some form of content marketing in your overall marketing strategy, so you know that a content strategy is imperative to your success and increases brand visibility for your company. This is how cool content marketing can be; just writing a few

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Why most start-ups fail to grow beyond inception and what pitfalls to avoid.

Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe has in the past been dotted with amazing stories of fortune and very inspiring individuals whose business models not only inspired business growth and sustainability to their operations but also changed the wholesome business landscape. You can put the names James Makamba, Kukura Kurerwa, Strive Masiyiwa, Shingai Mutasa and Nigel Chanakira to

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