By McDonald Mafandizvo

I believe by reading this article you are one of those who use some form of content marketing in your overall marketing strategy, so you know that a content strategy is imperative to your success and increases brand visibility for your company.

This is how cool content marketing can be; just writing a few words can make such a difference. But it only makes a difference if the people you’re writing for are actually reading and getting value from what you have to say.

Content can get your brand in front of potential customers if they know it exists. If they know where to find it.

If you’re creating unique, compelling content that’s not reaching your target audience, then you’re missing out the true power of content.

And since brand awareness remains the #1 goal for B2C companies in Zimbabwe, it’s important to ensure your content is reaching the right people.

You should be targeting specific people that can benefit your brand – think future customers, advocates, and partners.

As for the question of how they find your content?

At first, you need to go out and find them.

While blogs, social media, and newsletters are excellent ways to share content with your existing audience, there are other ways that are more effective for reaching new people.

If you want to use content to boost your brand’s visibility and reach a new segment of your target audience, try one of these ways:

1. Guest blogging

Yes, it’s not dead. Not by a long shot.

The thing about blogging on your own platform is that the people visiting your website directly already know who you are. It won’t expand your reach.

Writing for your own blog is great, but guest posting expands your reach so much more.

That’s why it’s important to branch out and get your content on other sites as well. Guest blogging lets you reach another brand’s audience and “borrow” their platform for one post.

Not only will it increase your brand visibility by reaching a broader audience, but it also helps position you and your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

2. Bundle Your Content

As any savvy marketer knows, creating killer content takes time.

And if you’re dedicating time and effort to each piece of content, you want to make sure you’re getting everything you can out of it. A long-form piece of content, like an ebook, can easily be turned into several shorter-form pieces like blog posts, infographics, or SlideShare presentation.

Repurposing content gives users more places to discover your brand. Apparently it gives new audience members so many different ways to discover your brand.

Then you can also recombine all of the different content types – posts, videos, and graphics – into one big content bundle.

The magic in bundling content pieces together is that it allows you to cater to the various preferences of your audience. Some people might want to learn whatever you’re teaching in an ebook, but they prefer graphic content or video. Publishing a written recap solves for that and gives everyone what they want!

Shorter pieces can also be used to tease and promote the full piece. For example, placing a Call to Action at the bottom of a blog post to drive readers to the full website.

3. Create Interactive content

There has been a significant evolutionary shift on the social web in the last 24 months or so, as marketers and social media startups have realized the growing power of visual content.

Photos and images drive high engagement on Facebook and if you look at your top ranked content on your Facebook page and measuring the virality using the Facebook “Insights” tool, you won’t be surprised the top 10 are all images or photos.

Video marketing has become an overwhelmingly popular preference for both marketers and web users.

Interactive content like video propels users to stay and continue watching, to learn more. People don’t just fast forward to the end, the way they might quickly scroll through a blog post.

It’s also worth noting that if they find the first video they watch valuable, they’ll come back for more or share with a friend – furthering your brand awareness and increasing your visibility.

Now what?

So you’ve put up your content efforts to benefit your audience, but how do you know your increased efforts are increasing your brand visibility?

Because so many of the content metrics you measure will be in the form of social media engagements, shares, and website traffic, using a brand monitoring service can help you better understand who’s interacting with your content.

Keep an eye out for anyone who shares your brand’s content or provides feedback. See what they have to say about it. You want to make sure your content strategy meets your audience’s needs and builds community.

Macdonald Mafandizvo is a Blogger, Web content/copywriter, Sales and Marketing Professional, Content Marketing Enthusiast. His Content writing services for small businesses include: developing new content for websites, blogs, feature articles, business and marketing material.

He can be contacted at: Macdonald Mafandizvo -LinkedIn & Facebook, @mafandizvo Twitter. Facebook page- , Email Cell;+263774864946

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